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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have the main ones in the library but we can also add any product

Not at the moment but they are coming soon

We can add the goods to most baskets but there are a few that can not take the input

You can use the "complete in store option" that way customers give all his details for you to contact and complete the order in store or by phone.

Your company has to pay for and deal with that ,we work with your IT guys to complete this process. Or if you do not want to do that use the "pay in store" option no basket required

We try our best to get everything done in two weeks

We send an invoice every month with the total sales that the calculator has created and deduct the value from the card on file for the subscription.

Yes you can. We then stop the calculator working. 

We suggest you mark the out of stock item "in active" in the vendor portal and calculate the deck again using the plan ID and Pin number. It will keep all the deck info the same and recalculate using stock items. You can then speak to the customer and inform him of the changes.