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Our Cutting-Edge Decking Calculator

Decking Estimation Made Simple

Welcome to the ultimate solution for timber merchants and decking suppliers seeking to streamline their sales process and boost customer satisfaction. Our Decking Calculator is a powerful bolt-on software designed to simplify deck project estimation, and providing quick and accurate cost estimates.

Use your own stock availability to calculate project costs effortlessly.

Say goodbye to manual calculations and frustrating browsing experiences for your customers and embrace the efficiency and ease of our Decking Calculator.

Increase Sales Effortlessly...

Gone are the days when customers lose interest because they can't find the necessary products for their projects. By adding our calculator to your website, customers can easily add all required items to their basket, including decking boards, screws, and joists. With a seamless shopping experience, they'll be more likely to complete their purchase, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Cost Comparisons & Upselling...

Maximise your upselling opportunities while providing cost transparency to your customers.

With our Decking Calculator, your customers can effortlessly compare different product options, enabling them to make informed decisions. Additionally, they can easily switch between different materials for the deck and deck frame, ensuring they choose the best option to suit their needs. By empowering your customers with information, you encourage upselling and increase the overall value of each sale.

Seamless Counter & Phone Sales

Eliminate the hassle of pricing decks manually. No longer will your sales staff dread customer inquiries about deck costs and plans. Our calculator enables quick and easy pricing and generates a comprehensive deck list, complete with prices, which can be printed for the customer. In just seconds, you can modify the deck type, accommodating requests for different materials or specifications. Whether it's over the counter or on the phone, our calculator simplifies the quoting process, saving time and effort.

These are just the highlights of our Decking Calculator's capabilities. Explore the full range of benefits it offers, including mobile accessibility, a simple payment plan, and the cost-saving opportunities available to your business.

Get started with our Decking Calculator today and revolutionise the way you estimate, sell, and deliver decks to your customers.